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DIY Centerpiece

Looking for a cheap center piece for an outdoor wedding? Buy however many jars you need, votive candles, rubber bands, and some spray paint!

First wrap the jars in rubber bands going straight across and diagonally.

Spray paint the jar with the rubber bands on.

Sit and let dry.

Take off rubber bands and stick your votive in the jar!

Beautiful way to find a centerpiece that matches your colors and your tastings! Even if you aren’t looking to use it for a wedding, it’s a fun craft to make for around the house!

Traditions By Choice

Having trouble trying to like all the classic wedding traditions? Here’s a couple to cut and keep!

1) If you don’t want a dramatic exit like the ones in movies, then don’t.

2) The bigger the better? Not all weddings have to have a million guests. Make your wedding small. The smaller the easier.

3) Always thank your guests with thank you cards. Don’t eliminate that tradition.

4) Always thank your bridal party.

5) Not a fan of the big three tier wedding cake? Throw in some desserts like cupcakes instead of the traditional cake.

6) Don’t want to single out your unmarried friends? Then don’t do the bouquet toss! Don’t make your friends uncomfortable if they don’t want to be apart of it!

Bridal 101

When planning your wedding, there are some important things a bride should know! Before meeting with your event coordinator, you need to know certain things. Know how many people will be attending the event. This is important when it comes to deciding what room you will be in. Also, know your colors. Your planning will go a lot easier once you have a basic idea of what you want your reception to look like. Know your vendors. Have a DJ, photographer and florist? Provide your coordinator with their numbers. This is important when it comes to the day of the event. You don’t want your DJ not showing up! Leave that up to the coordinator to make sure everyone is there and things are running smoothly. Another important thing is to make sure you have a picture of your cake or centerpieces. If you want something a certain way, you need to communicate that with the coordinator along with pictures to ensure you get the most out of your big day! Also, label your boxes. When you bring in your candles, cake cutter, centerpieces, and party favors, make sure you label your bags and boxes. That way, when you come to pick things up the next day, everything will be placed where they came from. They will be easier to track and it will be easier on the coordinator. Eliminating stress in these areas is important in the long run!blog


A New Clientele

Gay marriage is legal now? After a long decade of hatred towards same sex marriage, it is now legally through all states across America. Within the next few months, the population of same-sex marriage will be booming. It is predicted that by 2020 almost all the states will be 48% for gay marriage. Now that same sex couples can get married, what are coordinators going to think when they have their first same sex couple? Having weddings between two people of the same gender could be fairly easier than for heterosexual couples. Two women are most likely to have more of the same interests than a man and a woman and same for two men. What are your thoughts on planning a wedding for same sex couples? Will it be easier or harder? Will it be accepted by all of the guests? The future of wedding planning now has a new clientele which has changed the course of history!


Bridal Shower Games

Pep up your bridal shower with these fun games.


Instead of bingo, replace the word Bingo with Bride. On each sheet for each guest, design it so the boxes are related to you and your husband. Examples can include: locations, best man, maid of honor, bridesmaids and groomsmen, wedding colors and significant  dates.

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Writing a story:

At the shower, have a long sheet of paper. Each guest writes a line to make a story of the bride and groom. When writing a new line in the story, only the previous line the person before you wrote should be showing.

Who Said What?

Ask the bride and groom a bunch of questions a couple of days beforehand. Type up the questions and the answers and print out sheets for all the guests. Then have them label who said what answer.

Mad Libs

Write a story or vows for the bride and groom and leave out nouns, adjectives, verbs and verbs. Print out a copy for each guest to complete and leave it for the bride to read when she gets home!