Reading blogs about weddings can be very helpful. You can find great inspiration for your big day along with do’s and don’ts. Searching the internet before you plan your wedding can be helpful when your brain is about to burst. It will give you ideas on color, centerpieces, and almost anything else you are looking for.  From summer inspirations to fall weddings, there will always be ideas all over blogs about what to do. So don’t worry, you’ll be sure to have the wedding you piece together with clever ideas of other brides! Blogs sometimes include a whole board from a photographer over one wedding. This is a great way to find cute little ideas to steal from! If your choosing to do a wedding at home in your backyard or at a venue that doesn’t include a food service, make sure your vendors are reliable! Make sure that the places you choose were recommended and you’re not trying it out for the first time.  You want to trust these people so you can enjoy your day with your family and friends who you love so much!