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Wedding Favors

Thinking of the perfect wedding favor for your guests can be difficult. You don’t want to spend money on something your guests will throw away as soon as they leave the reception. Take a look at some ideas we have to customize your wedding favors by the season you’re getting married in. What a fun way for your guests to remember your wedding.

Ever been to a fanwedding on a scorching hot day in the middle of the summer? When planning your own wedding, you want to take this into consideration and do your best to make your guests feel comfortable. Put a creative spin on it by having your wedding favor be fun fans for the guests to use during the ceremony. You can put the ceremony order on them, or something fun like the story of how you two met.

Autumn means cooler nights, outside bonfires, and the smell of s’mores. To add a touch of the season to your wedding, try these take home s’mores kits. They’re easy to make and it’s almost guaranteed that your guests will use them at their next bonfire of the season.

winter favor stopperWinter
This bottle stopper is perfect for the wine lovers of your guest list. The snowflake even adds a winter touch.

You can never go wrong with chocolate for your wedding favors. If it’s not all eaten by the end of the reception, it makes for a great snack on the car ride home. Add a touch of spring to these M&Ms by specializing the colors and displaying them in a spring basket.

Alternative Guestbooks

Do a bunch of names in a large book really help you remember your wedding day and your guests that helped make your day so special? Take a look at some fun alternatives to the typical guestbook.

1. Choose one oPhotof your favorite photos of the two of you and have your guests sign around it. You can change the size of the matting based on the amount of guests. After the wedding? Hang it up in your new home as a married couple!


2. Have your guests sign their name on their birthday on a calendar of your choice. Life after the wedding can be busy at times with honeymoons, thank you cards, and sometimes moving. What a perfect way to help you keep in touch with your friends and family all year long.


3. Make your guestbook multifunctional! Guestbook, table numbers, and something to occupy your guests at their tables. Think about how fun these will be to read in the anniversaries to come.


4. Thinking of photoboothhaving a photo booth at your reception? Have your guests put their favorites in your guestbook. Not only do you have names and messages of those who attended, but also goofy pictures to help you always remember your special day.


Weddings By The Numbers

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is over $28,000? Getting married can be expensive, and it is easy to let the cost spiral out of control if you’re not paying attention. Bobak’s Signature Events is one of Chicago’s most desirable wedding ceremony and reception venues, offering fine dining, modern banquet rooms, and, perhaps best of all, prices that are well below the national average. In fact, the average wedding with us costs nearly $12,000 less than the national average. Check out this infographic to see a breakdown of the cost of weddings and to see how ceremonies and receptions at Bobak’s Signature Events stack up. Please share with your soon-to-be-wed Chicago friends and family!



2.) Signature Events at Seven Bridges


With 35,000 square feet of special event space, Signature Events at Seven Bridges is arguable the most flexible option in the western suburbs; a brilliant solution for those who want a single site for both reception and ceremony. Brides with larger guest lists ill also appreciate the flexibility of the spaces.
Signature Events has a small garden area for intimate ceremonies. Although chairs can be arranged for slightly larger groups, I’d recommend taking things inside if you have that many people. The inside space is flexible and can be suited to a number of color schemes. It’s important to note that the venue already has a bit of a Hollywood theme in place. On the walls you will find black and white pictures for 30s and 40s era films. It’s not a deal breaker and in fact could be the start of a great reception theme.

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Reasons to Read Blogs

Reading blogs about weddings can be very helpful. You can find great inspiration for your big day along with do’s and don’ts. Searching the internet before you plan your wedding can be helpful when your brain is about to burst. It will give you ideas on color, centerpieces, and almost anything else you are looking for.  From summer inspirations to fall weddings, there will always be ideas all over blogs about what to do. So don’t worry, you’ll be sure to have the wedding you piece together with clever ideas of other brides! Blogs sometimes include a whole board from a photographer over one wedding. This is a great way to find cute little ideas to steal from! If your choosing to do a wedding at home in your backyard or at a venue that doesn’t include a food service, make sure your vendors are reliable! Make sure that the places you choose were recommended and you’re not trying it out for the first time.  You want to trust these people so you can enjoy your day with your family and friends who you love so much!